Simple, practical and extremely useful drywall tips are just one click away. Check them out.

From dealing with popcorn ceilings to handling holes in the drywall, there are many related issues you might experience. Take advantage of the following tips to be better prepared. Scroll down!

Evaluate wall insulation based on how environmentally friendly it is

Check to confirm that the material doesn’t contain any compounds which could be dangerous to people, pets and the environment. Find out what percentage of the material is recyclable. The higher this percentage is the greener your home will be. It is perfectly possible for the recyclable content to be 90% or higher.

Check stucco for damage as part of regular house maintenance

This kind of finish is extremely strong and durable, but it may get damaged over time if it has not been properly installed. The most commonly found signs of damage are cracks and blisters. If you notice any of them, you should opt for repair straight away.

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