Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

We possess a great team of professionals with the experience and knowhow to remove popcorn ceilings efficiently.

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The meaning of our service is to keep you healthy. If you have bought an old house or textured your ceilings back in the sixties or eighties, there is a chance your popcorn ceiling contains asbestos. Our intention is to remove the texture in order to remove any threat against your health. Asbestos is not good for you but we are! “Drywall Repair Inglewood” is the first class contractor you want when you have special needs, want an honest professional opinion, and admirable services. We excel in popcorn ceiling removal and take a good look at your ceiling in order to providea thorough evaluation and estimate.Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Inglewood

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Do you have an old popcorn ceiling? If you do, you also need us! Trust our popcorn ceiling removal contractors for a quick, diligent, and efficient job.They are a very well organized team and every professional is knowledgeable of the right procedure for the proper removal of the popcorn texture.

You can be certain that before starting working, we prepare the place by covering furniture, ducts, and holes to prevent the dust from visiting other parts of your house. Then we carry on with acoustic ceiling removal but before applying a new coat, verify and check to see if there are any problems which must be repaired.

Rest assured that we are aces in ceiling repair services. If there is a problem, we will adeptly fix it. We retain vast experience with drywall repair and know what to do if the fasteners are damaged or the joists are misaligned. The main issue is to remove popcorn properly first without causing damage or contaminating your house further.

Undoubtedly, our earnest technicians are friendly, dedicated, experienced, and implement only the best tools. In addition, they are extremely cautious when at work and thoroughly clean up after completing a task. If you want the best professional popcorn removal, contact our acclaimed company. Email us your requests today.

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